Tips Which Can Ensure A Good Score In The Examinations

HSC exams are a very important affair for the student community. The marks obtained in the HSC exam will account for 50% of the marks of all the subjects and the rest coming from school assessment conducted all through the year. HSC trial exams start almost from the beginning of term 3. These are very important to gauge the level of preparation for the final exam. The subjects in which one is weak can be identified from these exams. So it is essential to prepare diligently for these. Once the trials are over, the students will get some time off to prepare for their HSC. Since the students have had to go through a lot of assessments all throughout the year, it is understandable that they will take some time off to recharge their batteries. But there are some students who are tensed due to the upcoming exams and out of fear; they almost disassociate themselves from all kinds of study. 

After the students have recharged their batteries, it is essential that they jot down in a piece of paper, the subjects and the topics in which they are strong and those in which they are weak. The nature of the scoring in the exam is such that it will not make too much of a difference between one who scores 90 percentile and someone who scores 99 percentile. It is much more important to move into band 6 (90+ percentile) from lower percentile levels i.e. band 4/5. This makes much more of a difference to the overall score. Making a timetable and following it regularly makes time management easier. Focus on the subjects in which you are weak and do not ignore them. Rather than reading the same subject throughout the day, read a subject in the morning and some other in the evening. This keeps boredom away.

In HSC, you will be competing with students all over the state. So rather than distancing yourself from your peers in school, sit down in group study sessions with them. Use your resources and get previous year 12 exam practice questions in Australia. The pattern and level of questions asked will be known from it. Once these are known, the studies can be focused on preparing answers to various questions and taking the help of teachers to root out any errors or making improvements to those answers. You will still be attending school at this time and hence teachers in Perth should be consulted with.

For most of the subjects, standard study packages are available on the website of the Board of Studies. These give an idea of the quality of answers required to get a band 6. These are very essential for Science subjects. Some questions can be answered using tables or in the form of points. Some questions require diagrams and graphs to support the answer. For HSC Math, only doing textbook questions may not be enough. The questions there are repetitive. Getting hold of questions asked in the exams of other schools in other states can give an idea of different problems. Many HSC mathematics resources are available online and they can also be consulted. Utilize your time properly and you are sure to score well and get a chance to be admitted to the university of your choice.