Diverse Range Of Courses Offered By Academia

Academia is reputed institute in Australia with branches in Melbourne and Brisbane. The institute aims to cater to the needs of every student by offering a diverse range of courses. The courses comprise of diplomas and certificate level courses which could later be combined with the 2nd year of a Bachelors degree which may be completed at one of their partner universities. Here are a few courses offered by Academia which make it an ideal choice to pursue ones education.

English courses
If you are an international student in Australia who is not quite fluent with their English language, then the English courses offered at academia are sure to help you gain fluency in this language. There are a number of courses to choose from, depending on your requirements. These include English for IELTS Preparation, General English and Pearson Test of English to mention a few.

Owing to the rapidly growing hospitality sector, several institutes are now offering these courses. The hospitality school paves a pathway for the individual to gain experience in this field, as students are given several opportunities to witness the workings of the hospitality industry and are also assigned tasks occasionally in order to gain a first-hand experience with the senior supervisors in this field. In addition, academia also offers patisserie courses which is a branch of the hospitality courses Brisbane. However, one may choose to pursue this separately if they wish to do so. When looking up for courses in this field, type ‘hospitality courses Brisbane’ and academia is one of the top most institutes which will appear amongst the results.

 Business and marketing
If you have always wished to work in the corporate field, then this institute has a number of reputed programs to suit your needs. These include diploma in marketing or business, which paves way for one to pursue their Bachelor’s degree in this field. Moreover, there are options such as accounting and finance and other courses related to this field which will make for an added qualification in your CV.

Childcare and adult care
Working with children and adults requires a certain set of qualities which the individual must possess. Moreover one must be well-versed with the techniques used to deal with both categories as they are quite sensitive in nature. Therefore a qualification is necessary to work with both children and adults. Academia offers the certificate 3 in childcare and certificate 4 in ageing support which trains the individual to work with children and aged individuals, respectively.

Beauty therapy and hairdressing
The beauty industry has undergone a major transition over the course of years. With the introduction of several makeup brands and products, the demand for skilled makeup artists has increased. Therefore, academia offers programs in this sector wherein students are trained by professionals in this field who teach them the latest makeup techniques and how to keep up with the new trends. The programs offered by academia ensure that the students receive attention and are trained under the best people in each field, respectively. Thereby ensuring that the quality of education which is provided is top-notch, so that students can pursue jobs at reputed companies once they complete their programs. To know more about early childhood education Melbourne, visit http://www.academia21.com/school/diploma-of-early-childhood-education-and-care